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Our recycling and donation program was a success. Compared to other EAA ships similar to the Karura, we came in first in all categories. Why there was a competition is beyond me. It isn't as though the Karura will get a larger budget for FY2017.

Zaizen: Seeing as there were more donations and recycling for technological items, I think it would be wise to establish what items are a necessity for the ship. You may attach a separate report for wanted, but unnecessary items.

I received a request for a "White Day" party from a number of passengers. As noted in EAA Regulation, any such requests for parties and other celebrations will be forwarded to our Outreach Officer for coordination. Fuji, consider this my approval for the festivities.

Lastly, Golden Week time off requests need to be submitted by April 4.

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First Officer Nakamura will be in charge on December 31 and January 1 as I take leave to visit family for the new year. I don't expect there to be any issues, but treat him as you would me. If you have any business to discuss while I am off-ship, you may take it up with him or wait for my return on January 2.

I received some initial reports from the EAA-mandated recycling drive. So far, the Karura has done exceedingly well in nearing the goal for collection. However, there have still been some mistakes in which items have been placed in the wrong containers. This is especially true for electronics. If you are unsure, please find the nearest crewmember and ask for assistance. I am also available.

Per EAA regulation, the ship's entertainment and shopping areas are free to close for pre-holidays -- December 24 and 31 -- if they so choose. EAA regulation states that the entertainment and shopping areas will be closed for business on December 25 and January 1. Exceptions can be made if Form A-992 is submitted before December 20.
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In order to accommodate those officers who are visiting home over the holiday, the ship will be making its way closer to the system in which Earth resides. Between now and then, there will be no other planetary visits or drop-offs.

As an EAA-mandated year-end conservation measure, there will be various containers spread throughout the ship where you can deposit unwanted items for donation or recycling. They will be color-coded as well as marked and a guide will be posted.
- Red: clothing (including shoes)
- Blue: glass
- Yellow: cardboard
- Green: all other paper products
- Purple: tech (e.g., communicators, tablets, etc)
- Black: batteries and other charging devices
- White: plastics
- Grey: aluminum

Please direct any questions to myself.
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Requests for holiday leave need to be submitted no later than next Friday. It will be given at a first come, first served rate. Shuttles will be arriving the week before the Earth holiday of Christmas and you will be required to be back on board the Karura by January 7th or otherwise it will be considered an abandonment of your post and subject to an EAA disciplinary hearing.

I just finished The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches by Basho Matsuo. It seemed appropriate reading given my travels. My grandfather recommended the Under the Midnight Sun by Higashino Keigo as my next book. He said he had trouble putting it down and offered to send me his copy if I wanted to read it. I've already started Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident by Donnie Eichar, but I'll likely add it to my list.


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