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I hope everyone enjoyed our brief visit to one of the moons of Tausan 5. I had no idea rave moons existed until now. If you still have a glow-item, please recycle accordingly.

Shishido, for our next security debriefing, I would appreciate no Tausan food items. They were highly disappointing.

Fuji, thank you for returning the gardens to their pre-Haunted House state. Based on the complaints I've received from a variety of passengers, I assume it was a success. I can't believe I'm about to do this, but... Given the upcoming Earth holidays and the number of passengers who celebrate those holidays, perhaps you would like to do some sort of family-friendly event for the season. If this is appealing to you, present your ideas within the next two weeks and I will look into them.

(ooc: strikes deleted)
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Shishido will be providing some defense training on Deck 4. Contact him for days and times.

Fuji, in order to cut down on extraneous expenses, you will need to limit your cardboard cutouts to no more than 5. Your other option, if you wish to have more than 5, is to gather the old ones and reuse accordingly. Lastly, avoid glitter and any other substance that is difficult for maintenance to clean.

Niou, as far as I am aware, your experiment(s) are to be performed on the felines you have in your lab. Cease testing out your theories on the passengers above the ship. I also need an updated report to forward to the EAA. Also, all your felines need to be re-tagged or I will need to submit a report requesting cancellation of your experiment.

Lastly, the EAA has approved an orbit around the planet Esman. It is located in the Proxima Vendrizi System. The EAA describes the planet as "known for its forests of cactus-like organisms and its deep valleys." We will arrive there on Sunday and orbit until Wednesday.


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